Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – October 1991

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – October 1991


(Patrick J. Buchanan:)

THE ISRAEL LOBBY OVERPLAYED THEIR HAND AS THEY WENT AFTER PRESIDENT BUSH BECAUSE HE ASKED FOR A DELAY IN THE 10 BILLION DOLLAR LOAN GUARANTEE. Time after time as James Baker arrived in Israeli he had his nose rubbed, for all the Arab world to see, in new settlements in Arab territory. Thus the Arabs were to see the importance of the U.S. to have anything to say about how their money given to Israeli was to be used. In January as the subject comes up again, if the President demands, no new settlements in Arab territory he will have a fight on his hands. The Jewish vote will be lost if the President wins.

Actually that 10 Billion is for roads, houses, utilities, and so forth half way around the world when our own infrastructure is crumbling. Does no one recall that the Balfour Declaration when Britain promised a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, that nothing was to be done which would interfere with civil and religious rights existing in Non-Jewish communities in Palestine? Does no one recall that the 1947 US Partition plan allowed for a Palestinian and a Jewish State? After the Urgun massacre at Deir Yassin in April of 1948, 600,000 Arabs fled the Jewish sector never to return, and with the 6 day war, another 200,000 fled into Jordan and only 14,000 re- turned.