Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – November 1997

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – November 1997

HERE IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER AS WE LOOK FORWARD TO NOVEMBER, we find that the fund raising probe has finally reached the White House and the Vice President. Where will it end?

The Washington Times:
Another environmental dream is causing much anxiety.

The Sierra Club wants to drain the popular Lake Powell. A massive man made lake that ranks among the most popular tourist attractions in the Rocky Mountain west.

Built in 1957 at a cost of 270 million dollars the Glen Canyon Dam provides electricity to millions of users and helps provide water from the Colorado River to such cities as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

The result of the dam was of course Lake Powell, the nations second largest reservoir which took 17 years to fill and which extends 186 miles up the Colorado River through South-eastern Utah. More than 2.5 million tourists visit the site each year for camping, fishing, and winding through its stunning Red Rock Canyons on the lakes trademark Houseboats.

The project turned the remote wilderness into an estimated 1/2 billion dollars a year annually, for the local economy.

But the lake also submerged a canyon that environmentalists say ranks among the most spectacular of the West’s natural wonders. And they worry that the lake is disrupting the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon.