Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – March 1989

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – March 1989

FROM ‘HUMAN EVENTS:’ YOUNG JOE KENNEDY LIKELY TO BE THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS AFTER DUKAKIS, on his way up the political ladder. There has been no question as to his being too young, etc. After all he is a Kennedy not a Quayle.

Chief of Staff Sununu will face a great Media Challenge, maybe the American people choose Mr. Bush over Governor Dukakis but the Major Media did not. Their Problem, the key question is, how much damage they can do to the Bush Administration in the next four years. After all Vice President Quayle like President Bush has a constitutional 4 year term from which he can be detached only by the process of impeachment which is to slow, thus they plan to cut this administration to pieces. And John Sununu who is Chief of Staff is the target of destruction for his going would cause the most damage to the Bush Administration. So watch for them to start picking on him.

Now; I read much about President Bush, and much is not very complimentary, and I do not think his plan of compromise with Congress will work, but I am willing to set back a bit and see just what YAHWEH has in mind as we are in this time of, ‘going to Great Babylon’, World Government and then we will be delivered. Did you notice that Barbara Bush held the old Bible that George Washington held as well as their family Bible as George Bush took the Oath of Office of President of these United States.