Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – July 1995 Supplement

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – July 1995 Supplement

JOANN HAS SUGGESTED THAT YOU WHO HAVE THE TAPE NO. 136, reread once again both parts, ‘The Year of the Woman’, as this is very timely here in 1995.

As we prepare for the 1996 elections, pressures are great on Congressmen just to think of votes instead of principles.

Money, as the old saying goes, ‘Money talks.’ We have come to the point in this nation where it takes millions of dollars to run for public office. This money also corrupts.

America also wanted a hero and wanted to do something right for a change and felt that, as Scott O’Grady was rescued, that at last we had performed like America could.

Now complainers are saying, ‘What price glory?’ The rescue involved 43 Marines, an aircraft carrier, and 40 aircraft. But the Military sources say that this rescue cost nothing because the 24th Marine Expedition Unit was already stationed in the Adriatic Sea. And the aircraft would have flown that day anyway. Surely, America can be allowed to rescue one of our men who was put in danger by flying under U.N. Command??