Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – January 1998

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – January 1998

Clinton and Rubin Bail Out the Indonesians:

TREASURY SECRETARY RUBIN, UP TO HIS OLD TRICKS, announced that the administration will treat the Indonesian kleptocracy to three-billion dollars from the same Treasury fund that they bailed out Mexico. This fund is the same one that Rubin and Clinton raided in 1995 after it was apparent that congress would not vote authority for the billions of dollars the administration needed to bail out the Mexican peso. This the Treasury Department’s “Exchange Stabilization Fund,” that they are once more raiding. That is also where they will go for funds to bail out the Asian nation economies. Where do they get this money? Oh, of course from the American tax payers. This was a fund set up a long time ago and added to for emergencies and thus Clinton is now sidestepping Congress for Unappropriated Foreign aid.

The Bail out of the Asian nations is coming next:

Do you know who will get the money as this bailout takes place? The Big Bankers of New York have loaned the money to these Asian nations and as we pay the way out of this crisis, then we just as well transfer the money to these big banks, from the American taxpayer, for that is where the money will go. Just as it did when Mexico was bailed out.