Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – January 1996

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – January 1996

FROM ‘SKY AND TELESCOPE’ PUBLICATION. The line-up of the planets for January: Mercury (the U.S.), Mars (war), Uranus (money), and Neptune (chaos) are still in a tangle. Venus (the Great Revealer and the ‘hammer of the LORD) is between them and Saturn (Satan).

January information about Hale-Bopp

The year 1996 would be considered very interesting for periodic comet Hale-Bopp if 1997 weren’t so much better. (Remember the last report thought that 1996 would be the greatest year for Hale-Bopp).

In March of 1996, amateurs may recover the comet from the sun’s glare before dawn as a 9th magnitude glow still in Sagittarius very low in the South East. (Notice they are saying that Hale-Bopp will still be seen shining through the sign of Sagittarius, thus, it is further out there than they originally thought.)

By June of 1996, the comet will be much higher and easier, growing at perhaps 7th or 8th magnitude and will be between Sagittarius and Aquila in the south. By August it will be well placed in Serpens Canda during the evening hours, and may be as bright as 6 magnitude. September or October finds the comet in Ophiuchus high in the Southwest after dark, still with a predicted magnitude of about 6. By early December, Hale-Bopp will be getting very low in the West after dusk but brightening to 5th magnitude.