Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – April 1994

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – April 1994

While they are accusing the Clinton’s of Whitewater and so forth, the press is now helping, because behind the scene they are planning to try to shove the Healthcare bill through the Congress. This process has started in the House of Representatives.


The interest now on the Federal debt outstrips the Defence Budget.

Talbot was confirmed as Deputy Secretary of State. He has as we have told you before ties to the KGB. Yet the program to make him Secretary of State is still on track.

For nearly 20 years, Lester R. Brown has been prophesying widespread famine and each time he has been wrong. Does it look to you like the program to accomplish this is now on the table?


The man Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinousky, the 47 year old political powerhouse in the Russian political arena has installed great unease in the International Establishment after his incredible showing in December’s parliamentary election winning the largest share 24%, of the popular vote.