Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 29

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 29

Israel Covenant Two Seedline Racial Identity

An Anglo-isaac-son Caucasian Culture Awareness Teaching Letter

THIS IS MY TWENTY-NINTH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER and continues my third year of publication. With my last teaching letter, we covered more materials concerning the archaeological finds at Mari and Nuzi. These finds have added much in understanding the accounts of the Patriarchs of Genesis. Fifty to seventy-five years ago, many were trying to claim the Bible stories were simply myths handed down from generation to generation; that there were never actual persons such as Abraham, Haran, Nahor, Serug, Peleg, Terah. Since the discoveries of Mari and Nuzi, you don’t hear much about these “higher critics” anymore.

There probably are a few uninformed, preposterous, harebrained impostors still making such arguments, but Mari and Nuzi have shut the mouths of the majority of the so-called “experts.” There was another important archaeological find, discovered in 1974-1976, called Ebla, which we will be investigating shortly; if not in this letter, in the next one. This find also silenced the catcalls of the impudent sceptics. With these discoveries in archaeology, there is no more room for doubt that the Bible is true.