British Lion No. 1 – August 1930

British Lion No. 1 – August 1930

British Fascist Policy

IT is very easy to misunderstand British Fascism, and easier still for those who wish to do so to misrepresent it to the minds of people who know nothing about us.


On the one hand we are accused of being almost a foreign organization—certainly one with the intention of imposing foreign ideals on this country—which takes its marching orders from Rome, just as Communists are declared to do from Moscow. The only difference is, that nobody, however mad, or however much they hated us, has ever suggested that we received money from abroad, or even that it was offered to us and refused. It is a cause for thankfulness that we are understood to the small extent that everybody knows that British patriots will only use British money.

From the other side we are attacked with the accusation that we are not Fascists, that because we don’t adopt some trifling detail of Italian origin, therefore we are impostors. Personally, I prefer to wear a clean shirt, and one that is visibly so, and I believe that in order to proclaim my Fascism to the world it is not necessary to trespass upon the wardrobe of comic opera and go about in fancy dress.