Addressing The Origins of False Doctrines

Addressing The Origins of False Doctrines

BEFORE GETTING STARTED ON OUR WALK THROUGH DANIEL AND REVELATION, we should consider how false opinions get started. It’s like the mistaken conclusion by some that Ruth was a Moabite; and that Moses married a black woman. Today, that untrue concept is being used by the enemy through nominal churchianity to promote multi-culturalism. If one will consult Bertrand L. Comparet’s work, Ruth Was an Israelite, one will see that the Israelites had driven the Moabites out of the land of Moab 150 years previous to Ruth’s time. Therefore, Ruth was only a Moabite geographically; not genetically.

The Joseph-Sceptre Theory Examined

The Joseph-Sceptre theory is based on the false assumption that the town of Bethlehem was situated in Josephite territory, far north of the country of Judah. It has been promoted by people who believe that the patriarch Judah was a non-Israelite “Jew” and therefore could not have been an ancestor of Jesus Christ. Those who have held this view have not studied the separate and distinct histories of the Tribe of Judah and the impostor Jews, who are descended from Esau. The following is documentary evidence that the real Bethlehem was indeed located in the territory of Judah.

Was Christ Born in A Different Bethlehem?

Another such false teaching being promoted in some circles of Israel Identity is built on 1 Samuel 17:12 which says in part: