Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 112

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 112

Women of The Bible

AFTER THE STUDY OF THE OLD BOOK (1813), THE SWIFT MINISTRY, and the book Tar Above Rubies’ by Isabel Hill Elder, I would like to bring to you my understanding as to the part played by outstanding women of the Kingdom.

Out of Eden went one river (Race of People) to enrich the Garden. This according to our understanding of Scripture was ONE Race headed by Adam and Eve. Without Eve of course there would have been no Adamic race which Moses was to record (Genesis 5:1) as the generations of this Adamic race, as he listed the fathers of this race who played a direct roll in this program of Almighty YAHWEH as He established His Kingdom in earth, and fulfilled the promises made to Adam, ‘Before the Foundation of the World.’

This establishment of a Kingdom in earth was projected as a family project. Going back through ole records we find that the Women of this Kingdom family had an independence surpassing even today. Many times we find these women entrusted with administration of her husbands property as well as her own. These Women of God’s Israel, retained this independence until the time of their captivity when they were then known as ‘children of Israel’ of the 12 tribes. Thus this Family was established as a partnership of two individuals, man and wife both of equal stature in the program of YAHWEH. With this in mind let us look at the records as to why some of these women of the Kingdom are also listed as special in this program.