Grammatical Deception 

Grammatical Deception 

THIS PAPER AND STUDY IS A COMPILATION OF NOTES TAKEN FROM ARTICLES AND VIDEOS. MOST OF THE NOTES ARE QUOTED FROM ROMLEY STEWART. There are a few bits of information from Kobus of South Africa and other sources, and scriptural references and commentary have been added by Brother Hebert to show the direct connection in which this grammatical deception is the mode of operation of the literal children of the Devil. It connects so many dots. This paper was inspired by the truth and the fraud which Romley has exposed, and the fact that this deception only proves that the bible is true and that the enemies of our race want to do nothing but corrupt, destroy, usurp, and enslave us, just as prophesied in Genesis 3:15.

I am not a lawyer, familiar with law, or even properly educated in grammar because I was taught by the Jewish run education system. The depth of information between law and grammar is vast and my understanding of it all is next to nothing. But what I do understand is that this information is real, legal, and in place. The system is running on deception in every aspect. We are corporations, we have strayed from The Way, and we have put our trust in the world system, and keep it going. We are in a Jewish Matrix of Deceit. We have all been grammatically deceived to continue this deception, to continue being born into slavery, to continue giving up our inheritance, and continue taking from the tree of good and evil.

Some of you who are familiar with law and grammar will understand all this and even be wowed. Most of you may find this information uninteresting, boring, or even pointless. No problem.

There’s not much we can do about this situation we are in, this legal slavery condition, this dead corporation status we are in. But I believe we should be aware of the world around us and any information we can gain will help us to ‘come up out of her’ as much as possible. Knowledge is wisdom, and when we seek wisdom, Yahweh will preserve us and protect us while we are trapped in this system.

This information is getting out there and people are finding ways to fight the system with success. I believe this paper will help people wet their beaks on what this DOG LATIN is and the references and links I have provided will further your understanding and eventually one of these guys will present an easy step-by-step guide on how to claim back your name, your life, your liberty.

Kobus, of the House of :Hinsbeeck, the South African from the videos on the GLOSSA channel on YouTube has said he has a Live-Life-Claim in which you can claim and identify your name.