Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 84

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 84

THE RACES OF THE OLD TESTAMENT is by A.H. Sayce and printed in Britain by the ‘Religious Tract Society’ in 1925. ‘The Message from the Pleiades’ is contact notes from the book of 1974.

Our author of this book ‘The Races of the Old Testament’ has tried to show by this new science at that time called ‘Ethnology’ that there were different races involved in the Biblical story of the Old Testament. Organized Religion has tried to ignore this fact that there were different races than the Adamic Race involved in this age old struggle as outlined by the Old Testament, although Archaeology has proved this to be a fact.

Our author then had quite a struggle trying to prove his theory of different races by this new science of Ethology by itself. But looking at the Picture from the Identity point of view we will try to help our author point out the

great differences in these people and the similarities of others involved in this Old Testament story.

We have tried through the ‘Mysteries of the Kingdom’ series taken from the Tape Ministry of Wesley A. Swift and my understanding to outline this situation for a better understanding as to the people involved and the part each plays in the story. Our author tells us that RACE is one of the most indelible natural facts we are faced with as we study the Old Testament story and we would surely agree. Race, he tells us, is also one of the most insistent Biblical facts.

Thus when understood you find the Bible is not a history of the Human Race at large, but a history of one distinct people among the Races of the Earth. All other races considered, as they come in contact with the Adamic Race are thus for a contrast. This Bible then is not Ancient history as such; it is a contemporary chronicle, and it is a panorama which moves to the music of a Kingdom; On the Move; One Race which flows like a stream through this ocean of Humanity called ‘The World Order’.