Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – November 1990

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – November 1990


LAKE BAIKAL IS THE OLDEST AND DEEPEST LAKE IN SIBERIA, it is said to be more than 25 million years old. Heat was now found rising from deep in the earth through vents in this lake bottom such as occurs in an ancient sea- bed. This is the first time such a discovery has been made in fresh water. The find was one result of a JOINT project of U.S. and Soviet Scientists. Tourists this year were told, to wash ones face in the Lake’s cool water is to become 5 years younger.

Remember the DUCK BOOK and Bob White? And that crusade against those in government who were more interested in being re-elected than in what is good for the U.S.?

As the President of the ‘Sound Money Investor’ magazine and Newsletter carried on Bob’s work, they have now discovered that the so called Conservative Organization has been infiltrated and is no longer ‘Conservative’. Well! Well! Sure took a long time to find that out, but this editor also thinks that this ‘New World Order’ being talked about may be used to stop the rise of the ISLAM RELIGION. He says we are entering the beginning of a struggle between the Western World, and the Arab World.