Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – March 1991

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – March 1991

THE SHOOTING WAR OF ‘OPERATION DESERT SHIELD’ IS ABOUT OVER, let us pray that we do not allow the powers behind the scene to cause us to lose the Peace.

Ten members of the 26 members of the Congressional Black Caucus either opposed or voted present on the resolution supporting President Bush and the troop battling in the Gulf. On February 16-House Speaker Tom Foley played fast and loose with our National Security by filling 4 out of 5 vacancies on the Super Sensitive House Intelligence Committee with members from the FAR LEFT WING of his party. He named them to a six year term on this panel, and one of them especially was Ron Dellums of California who is considered as the biggest risk by our Security experts.

Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua flew to Bagdad just before war broke out to show his support for Saddam Hussein, as did Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan, and of course Jesse Jackson who was paid $125,000 for his inter- view with Saddam.

Peter Arnett who represents CNN in Bagdad was, in the Vietnam War a reporter who was very Anti-U.S.A. Was this why he was chosen to remain behind in Bagdad?

According to U.S. News and World Report, it is the Soviet Union that has been providing Iraq with critical gulf war intelligence. Soviet advisors still in Bagdad have advised the Iraqi as to when and where the Satellites travel and how the on-board Camera’s work. Thus helping them to hide their Scud Missile bases, yet even this did not help them to victory.