C. H. Douglas and The Jews

C. H. Douglas and The Jews

This article by Major C. H. Douglas was originally published in 1938. It is re-published for the benefit of those who have not previously read it as well as to keep it on record.

The Times of August 15, 1938, reprints under the heading “An Italian Tirade” what is presumably a précis of an article by Signor Giovanni Ansaldo in the Gazetta Del Popolo of Turin.

Signor Ansaldo’s thesis is the increasingly close alliance between the Jews and the British Empire, and the origin of this alliance in Puritanism.

Even as reported by The Times, the article has much interest, not merely for the Social Credit Movement, but for the general public, since it must be obvious to any detached observer that the Jewish question is one which goes to the root of the political problems on which the world appears to be heading for a shipwreck.

A great deal of the normal comment upon this matter is superficial, and even neurotic. But to say that there is no problem is to copy the lady who said that “the whole regiment is out of step except Johnny.” It is a problem which arises spontaneously in one country after the other. It has never been non-existent in historical times, and has certain easily recognizable characteristics following s well-known historical course.