British Lion No. 17 – January 1931

British Lion No. 17 – January 1931


MANY people seem to have gathered a rather low idea of the aims and objects of the Dominions from what happened at the Imperial Conference. That unfortunate event, which showed little practical result of any benefit, has done real harm if it has implanted any misunderstanding of our Overseas cousins in our minds. We have heard the view expressed that the Dominions were mainly actuated by the desire for more power and that other considerations were mainly secondary to that. It seems to be assumed that the possession by the Dominions of more power automatically means a loosening of the ties of Empire.

Perhaps this is the case, and if so it is very regrettable. Nevertheless whoever is to blame for this, it is not the Dominions. Nobody can say sincerely that the present British Government is a satisfactory one, that it is doing all that the nation requires, and is honestly straining every nerve to abolish unemployment! Can it be wondered, then, that the Dominions, seeing what a muddle and mess the Socialists have made of this country, should desire to have as little as possible to do with them? Do we in this country wish to see ourselves, not to mention the Empire, under Socialist control? The Dominions are not to be blamed, they are to be envied, for being outside the control of the crack-brained authority of British party politicians.

Let us remember one very important point. The Dominions have a system of government in most things very similar to our own, and that system here involves the right of the British Prime Minister to advise the Sovereign direct. Can any valid reason be advanced against ac-cording the same privilege to the Dominion Prime Ministers?